Austrian Spring O-Triple
April 10-11, 2021
Saturday: Sprint & Sprint Relay, Vienna    Sunday: Middle Distance, Waschberg  

Sprint & Sprint Relay

In the last decade, a local airport in the eastern part of Vienna has been replaced by a new district providing housing space to 5,000 inhabitants. Modern architecture uses non-rectangular shapes and vertical building design, facilitating uncommon route choice tasks and multiple-level orienteering.

Middle Distance

A unique nature reserve located 25 km north of Vienna is awaiting the competitors. The terrain consists of both forested and semi-open parts, where small thickets and bushes reduce visibility. Former mining areas offer contour details.

The Middle Distance terrain is similar to the 2021 WMOC areas in Hungary.

Both terrains had never been mapped for orienteering before. The maps are drawn to ISprOM 2019 and ISOM 2017-2 standards, respectively.