Austrian Spring O-Triple
April 10-11, 2021
Saturday: Sprint & Sprint Relay, Vienna    Sunday: Middle Distance, Waschberg  
Competition information

Feb 23, 2021

COVID: Despite the current uncertainties, we are confident to be able to organise at least both individual competitions without reducing the orienteering quality. To minimise contacts at the event, start times might spread over each competition day. The participants with the longest journey are intended to start late on Saturday and early on Sunday

Decision about postponement: Apr 4, 2021 at the latest

Alternative date: Oct 16-17, 2021, to be confirmed by the Austrian Orienteering Association

Sprint and Sprint Relay: Venue within walking distance from the Seestadt metro station, last stop of the U2 purple line,

Middle: Venue at
Shuttle service from the Stockerau train station on request

Middle: Preliminary course lengths: here
Please note the long walk to Start 2